Industry – IT Services

Staff – 20

Annual Turnover – £1.5m – £2m

Mintivo really standout in a crowded IT market, their business strategy is fully focused on Exceptional Customer Service (ECS) and this is measured constantly through systems, processes and people.

Supporting approximately 1500 end users across the UK through a fully aligned ITIL managed support desk backed up by ISO 9001 and 27001, we have made this business scalable through our processes to be the IT company of choice.

Pen & Feathers role was to design a new business strategy that was aligned to the industry trends, wrapping Service Delivery around technical solutions and ensuring that the business was built on core systems and process to allow for future growth.

Ongoing Pen & Feather are on the board of directors and help with forward thinking strategies and steer the business.


People before Technology​

We focus on your business and your needs first. Then we deliver the technology that fits. We never push unnecessary tech because it’s new or fashionable. Only the right solution. No exceptions. 

Customer Service over Technical Support

No matter what the technical problem, there is always a person suffering the consequences. Great customer service isn’t just about fixing the technical problem. It’s about looking after the people who been affected, and we don’t stop until they’re okay. 

Fix Causes Not Symptoms

We look for permanent solutions not sticky plasters. Our focus is on the best technology to prevent problems occurring rather than repeatedly fixing the same reoccurring issues 


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