Business Consultancy

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Pen & Feather provide strategic advice and bespoke solutions to fit the specific needs of a company. Strategy consultants work out the issues in the operations and work strategy of a company; this could include the reorganisation of a company’s structure, corporate and organisational strategy, public policy and functional strategy.

IT & Service Providers

This covers a broad range of consulting services as IT is itself a diverse field. Pen & Feather help businesses to get the most out of their systems; this may involve systems analysis and design or implementing and administrating an IT system. We won’t necessarily have a deep knowledge of the client’s industry and therefore may work alongside other specialists.


Niche Specialists

Pen & Feather also specialise fields and have an in-depth knowledge of their subject area. Our consultants can be found in almost any business area with consultants being able to work in a wide range of sectors. Some of the common areas for specialist consultancy include:

  • Health
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Technical
  • Retail
  • Transport.
business consultant

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