Our Process

Build • Learn • Grow

Step 1


Get to know each other.

Understand what your personal and professional goals are.

What areas of your business do you need guidance with?

This session isn’t to fix, but only to discover the business areas that require action.

We will explain the next steps with you.

We will both set the agenda for the next meeting.

Step 2

Due diligence

Pen & Feather have a deeper dive in to your business and start to breakdown what areas require our help and prioritise these with you

The development areas from our experience are Finance, People, Process, and systems. These areas will be our main discussion points. However, if you have more specific development areas, we can tailor this for you.

Creating an action plan will be the focus, this will be created by you and our team.

Step 3


Once we have created a business action list the hard work starts

The action list makes the business owner accountable to deliver.

Pen & Feather have a pool of trusted suppliers that can help with the delivery and ease the burden on you.

The action list only grows, changes, and develops.