Consulting sectors

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The range of work in consultancy is extremely varied and our consultants can be found in almost any sector. Some of the main areas we expect to work in are outlined below.

Private Health & Life Sciences

Clients in this sector range from small entrepreneurial life sciences companies to large global corporations. Consultants could be involved in finding ways to improve R&D productivity, setting up or reviewing policies, improving business models or redefining the health value chain. The challenge here is to develop business strategies that respond to disruptive technology, reform agendas and the rising cost of healthcare, all within global regulatory frameworks.

health consulting

Digital & Technology

The role of a technology consultant is to advise and support clients with implementing technology into their operations and transforming their IT-infrastructures in order to cut costs and improve efficiency. Consultants give a wide range of advice on: information needs, the provision of software, systems analysis and design, computer feasibility studies, implementing computer applications and making computer hardware evaluations.


Consultants in this sector are likely to serve clients within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), consumer packaged goods (CPG) and industrial production industries. The consultant’s job is to help manufacturing companies stay ahead of the market, gain a competitive advantage or improve long-term profitability. This could involve a review of the layout of a production department, production control arrangements, productivity and incentive schemes or quality control problems. Consultants may also be expected to advise on new markets, outsourcing, supply-chain management, procurement and CRM.

retail consultant

Retail & Leisure

Primarily involved in business growth, consultants could be advising on property and location strategies, customer research, visual merchandising, franchising, staff training or investment. Clients range from landlords and investors to high streets and shopping centres.

retail consultant

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