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Mortgage Switcheroo

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Who are Switcheroo?

We are a mortgage switching company that takes the hassle and stress out of switching your mortgage. Switching your mortgage can be painful, endless searching for the best deals, surveys, income and credit checks… Let us take care of everything for you and get your mortgage switched in minutes.

But not only that… We can save you money and also give you up to £500 cash back when you switch your mortgage with Switcheroo.

  • No adviser fees
  • No credit checks
  • No survey
  • No proof of income



Pen and Feather along with other shareholders created Switcheroo to deliver a mortgage product switching facility to predominantly the buy to let market.

Our role within the company was to build a brand that stood out, creating a clear and simple message which would be both beneficial to the customer and Switcheroo.

We were fortunate that one of the shareholders had the CRM capable of managing this start up business and also the staff and processes to deliver first class services from the start

Currently the business has served approximately 50 customers, we expect by 2022 that we will have a fully functioning customer service department with 100 transactions per month

Our challenge is to build a digital marketing strategy that is robust and scalable to deliver high volumes of enquiries.


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